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T-Mobile, Orange To Sell Apple iPad Tablet For £200

Everything Everwhere, also known as T-Mobile and Orange, will offer the iPad on contracts, a move that is bound to spark some serious discussions amongst experts as to whether Apple is changing its strategy because of the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Marketing Week says that the company will cut the price of the Apple iPad to as little as £200 if customers sign up for up to two year contracts.

Obviously, doing so means that the users will be stuck with Apple for at least that long, preventing them from going elsewhere.

These iPad contracts are expected to be sold via both brands' websites and high street stores and we expect to see such deals to pop up at other mobile networks around the country should Everything Everywhere be successful.

The cheapest iPad currently costs £425 and one can expect a £200 iPad to come with mobile broadband packages starting from £20 per month.

A number of other rival tablets are expected to be launched over the next few months including the RIM Blackberry Playbook and the first Chrome OS tablets.