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Twitter Pic Helps Police Nab iPhone Thief

A 10 year old boy has been praised by the police for his quick thinking after he snapped and uploaded the photo of a thief who had nicked an Apple iPhone from a pedestrian.

According to Metro, Alex Wilson and his father were waiting in slow traffic when they saw 24 year old Craig Royal steal an Apple iPhone from a pedestrian.

Alex, repulsed by what he had seen, asked his father to follow the thief, who was attempting to mke his escape on his mountain bike.

Taking his father's mobile, Alex clicked the photo of thief and uploaded it on micro blogging platform Twitter with the phrase, "This idiot just robbed someone on Yarm Road about 20 mins ago," so helping the police in nabbing the thief.

The boy's proud father told Metro: “Alex was really repulsed by it. We eventually caught up with the thief as we drove alongside. Then Alex took my phone, wound down the window and shouted at him, "Oi, what d'ya think you're doing?" The robber turned round to look and that's when Alex took the picture.”!