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Apple May Release iPad 2 Tablet In April Says Analyst

Apple could well release the follow up to the iPad 2 in April according to Brian Marshall, an analyst at Gleacher, who cites Taiwanese newspaper Digitimes to justify his comments.

The usual terms and conditions apply to an analyst's comments on what is merely a rumour. It is very likely though that Marshall is right but then, predicting that the iPad 2 will launch in April is equivalent to saying that the Sky is blue.

Apple tends to stick to cycles and is very likely to release the iPad 2 around this time anyway. The Digitimes article Marshall was referring to was the one mentioning that Apple had already chosen Taiwanese manufacturers to build the motherboard of the iPad 2 with four more suppliers likely to join soon.

Like us, Brian Marshall also noted that many retailers are selling the iPad for way less than Apple's original suggested retail price.

Indeed, we reported how even the high end iPad was not immune to cuts as TJHughes cut the price of the top end version by as much as £100.

The next version is expected to run on CDMA, GSM and UMTS becoming a true worldwide device; it may also come with two cameras, a mini USB port and better hardware.

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