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Black Friday Disappointment As Deals Sell Out In Seconds

Amazon UK's highly anticipated Black Friday Christmas sale has disappointed many eager British shoppers after the discounts promised by the online retail giant vanished after a few seconds.

According to The Daily Mail, angry shoppers flooded Amazon's web forums complaining about the rate at which sales were disappearing.

Users complained that the deals were gone only moments after they had clicked on them. Brits have been left fuming and have asked the UK's advertising watchdog, The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), to launch an investigation into the matter.

One angry shopper wrote of the sale: “Total load of rubbish. Couldn’t have clicked on the CD any quicker at 9am and gone instantly, definitely less than ten of each, wouldn’t bother even trying!”

Meanwhile, Amazon has maintained that users were warned that Black Friday will consist of 'lightning deals'.

The company stated: “Offers will take the form of “Lightning Deals” with a limited quantity of an item being offered at a discount for a short period of time. Once that quantity has been reached or the time limit elapses, the “Lightning Deal” will end.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.