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E-mail Hacker Sentenced To 18 Months

Matthew Anderson, who was arrested for being part of a global e-mail spam scam, has been sentenced to 18 months of imprisonment by Southwark Crown Court.

According to BBC News, Scotland Yard found in the course of its investigation that Anderson, a father of five, was responsible for infecting victims' computer with a hidden virus that allowed him to remotely control their PCs.

Scotland Yard found that he had stored images taken from web cams; private company information, medical records and other data of a sensitive nature. Anderson was caught by the police during a joint investigation with Finnish authorities. He pleaded guilty to contravening the Computer Misuse Act.

Announcing his sentence, Judge Geoffrey Rivlin said: “Whilst you may not have been engaged in fraud, it is fair to say that in an age in which computers play such an important part in the lives of so many people and businesses, an offence of this nature inevitably raises great concern and consternation.”