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Fight for Turing papers enters final hours

The fight to secure rare offprints of Alan Turing's papers enters its final hours, with Bletchley Park's bid deadline extended to 3PM today - and it's received help from a giant of the IT world.

Advertising supremo Google has coughed up an amazing $100,0000 (around £62,000) to aid the campaign to buy rare offprints of Alan Turing's papers. The work of the computing pioneer and genius mathematician is integral to modern computing - his paper "On computable numbers" is often considered to have resulted in the birth of digital computing as we know it today.

The campaign, which we covered last week, has so far attracted incredible support: Stephen Fry has put his name behind it, Derek Wyatt MP has offered his support, and it has gathered almost £20,000 in donations from the public.

This sum has been joined by a donation from Google, plus proceeds from the sale of limited-edition Golden Goose Faberge Eggs from Bletchley Park itself, to raise the total fund to buy the papers to a whopping total of around £90,000 - but that's still a long way from the estimated £300,000 to £500,000 sale price.

With the deadline, original scheduled for 10.30, extended to 3PM today, the rush is on to get some big donations from other technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple, HP, and IBM - who, lets face it, wouldn't want to be shown up by Google.

More information, plus the all-important donation link, is available on the official fundraising page.

Editor's note: The campaign is being led by a certain Gareth Halfacree of this parish.