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Google Donates $100,000 To Help Save Turing Papers

Google has donated $100,000 to a group campaigning to save papers written by UK codebreaker Alan Turing, which go on sale at Christies auction house today.

According to THINQ, the papers written by the mathematician, who was responsible for breaking German codes in World War II, are expected to fetch £300,000 and £500,000.

A campaign to stop the papers from leaving the country was started by IT journalist Gareth Halfacree. He plans to raise enough funds to purchase the papers at the auction and donate them to Bletchley Park, the hub of codebreaking during the war.

The fate of the campaign was looking bleak before Google came in with a donation of $100,000.

Google said in a statement: “Dr Turing is a hero to many of us at Google for his pioneering work on algorithms and the development of computer science. He’s also an important figure for many across the world who face homophobic attacks and bullying.”

It is now hoped that other tech giants will step in to help save the papers.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit the official fundraising page.