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iPad Only Newspaper Rumoured For December 9th Launch

It has been rumoured that the iPad-only newspaper “The Daily”, which was recently announced by News Corporation and Apple, is to be launched on the 9th of December.

According to tech blogger John Gruber, who first hinted the release date: “The date I’ve heard is 9 December, but that’s a Thursday, which would be somewhat unusual for an Apple press event. My guess is that they’re telling people 9 December but it might slip back to Tuesday or Wednesday the week after. Perhaps it will coincide with the opening of the Mac App Store?”

“The Daily”, which was first announced earlier this week, is set to be the first tablet only newspaper ever released. As yet there has been no word as to whether the title will be released on other non-Apple tablets.

Murdoch has already been looking for methods to better monetise the newspaper market using new technology, having already placed many of News Corp’s online web portals behind a subscriber-only paywall. The Media Mogul has also referred to the iPad as a “game changer” for the newspaper market.