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News@10:Twitter Joke Trial Goes To High Court, Cornish Villages To Get Superfast Broadband & Steve Jobs Action Figure

The man convicted and fined for tweeting in jest that he was going to blow up an airport is planning to present his case to the high court. Paul Chambers was originally fined £1,000 for tweeting that he was going to blow Robin Hood airport “sky high” as a joke, which a judge later claimed demonstrated “menace”. He also lost his job over the controversial message.

Superfast broadband, with speeds of up to 100mbps, is coming to eight communities in Cornwall next March as part of a £132 million programme. The project, which is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund, will be rolled out amongst some of Cornwall’s most isolated areas.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been immortalised in the form of an action figure, retailing for $79 from M.I.C Store. The action figure Steve Jobs is about four inches tall and is similar to the life-sized Steve Jobs in almost every way - dressed in typical Steve Jobs fashion, complete with the black turtleneck, Levis jeans and New Balance 991 sports shoes.

It's been only a few days since Google announced, a decidedly very un-Google project that captured our attention; now there comes the rumour of the possible acquisition by Google of Groupon for $5 billion.

European music streaming service Spotify sustained losses worth £16.66 million in 2009, but still plans to go ahead with its US launch. According to Music Alley, the company reported an operating loss of £16.4 million in its 2009 financial statics with the net loss amounting to £16.66 million after tax.