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News@5: Virgin Explore Public Wi-Fi Scheme, Microsoft Bans Swastika From Call Of Duty: Black Ops & Kuwait Camera Ban

Virgin Media is "actively exploring" plans to copy its US rival Cablevision in launching a nation wide Wi-Fi hotspot network in the UK. According to The Telegraph, Cablevision had rolled out its own Wi-Fi network in New York in partnership with TimeWarner for $300 million.

Microsoft has banned Call of Duty: Black Ops players from adorning their player logo with a swastika in player and team customisation on Xbox Live.

Kuwait has banned the use of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras in public places for anyone who is not a journalist. The ban, which was passed by the unanimous agreement of the country’s Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Finance, prevents the public from using DSLR devices on the streets of the Middle Eastern State.

Google has donated $100,000 to a group campaigning to save papers written by UK codebreaker Alan Turing, which go on sale at Christies auction house today. According to THINQ, the papers written by the mathematician, who was responsible for breaking German codes in World War II, are expected to fetch £300,000 and £500,000.

Oprah Winfrey has named the iPad as her favourite thing of all time as the end of her famous 25 season-long chat show approaches. According to CNET, the iPad was unveiled as Oprah’s “ultimate” favourite thing to the audience in a theatrical scene, where the device was lowered from the ceiling adorned with a small pair of angel wings.