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Oprah Names iPad Her Favourite Thing Ever

Oprah Winfrey has named the iPad as her favourite thing of all time as the end of her famous 25 season-long chat show approaches.

According to CNET, the iPad was unveiled as Oprah’s “ultimate” favourite thing to the audience in a theatrical scene, where the device was lowered from the ceiling adorned with a small pair of angel wings. One of the reasons Oprah awarded the iPad this accolade is because it allows her to multitask whilst working out.

The “favourite things” feature is an annual round-up of products that have impressed Oprah over the course of a year, which are normally presented to one lucky audience member. However, for the final season of her award winning show she is giving all members of the studio audience every one of her favourite things each.

Winfrey also gave a Volkswagen Beetle, amongst other gifts, to all 275 members of her studio audience, as she counted down the list.