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Orange & T-Mobile To Sell £200 iPad With £15 Monthly Contract?

Think that a £200 iPad is a great deal? Could well be even if neither Orange nor T-Mobile will be losing money on a device that is so much in demand; our research showed, you are likely to pay a mere £15 per month on a two year contract to get the device.

We don't yet know the exact details of the offer but the two nuggets of information that have been leaked at £200 for the device itself on a 24 month contract. What we know though are the microSIM tariffs for Orange and T-Mobile and how much the iPhone 4 contracts cost.

Orange currently charges £119 for the 16GB iPhone 4 (£499 at Apple) for 600 minutes, unlimited text for £35 per month on a two year contract; a TCO of £959.

It charges £25 per month for the same amount of minutes and texts with a one-month SIM Only contract with a TCO of £600, meaning that the iPhone 4 "costs" £359.

Likewise, Orange charges £15 per month for 3GB monthly data allowance with 750MB BT Openzone WiFi on a-one month contract. Applying the same graduated discount scheme (28.06 per cent of the cost of the device), this would mean that Orange would subsidise the price of the 3G iPad to around £380.

Dropping the price of the iPad to £200 would imply shifting another £180 to the TCO of the mobile plan (or £7.50 per month). Notice that Orange's doesn't offer a 1GB monthly tariff at £15 for the time being (currently costs £7.50 for 7 days).

We therefore believe that Orange wiill offer a £200 3G Wi-Fi iPad with a £15 1GB pay monthly contract. Remember that the Wi-Fi version of the iPad is near useless for mobile phone operators since they won't make money on contracts and Wi-Fi is handled by a third party.