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Santa's sack stuffed with iPads this Xmas

Christmas is coming and Santa is checking his lists for who's been naughty or nice, but it won't be the elves knocking out the content of his sacks this Christmas... it will be Apple.

According to a recent poll conducted by US market research outfit Neilsen, 31 per cent of US kids and teens would like to see an iPad under the tree this year.

Next on the list is a 'computer' at 29 per cent, and although it's not clear how many of those will be from the Cupertino company, recent studies have shown that as many as 70 per cent of US students wanted their next PC to be fruit-themed.

Equal second comes Apple's touch-screen media player, the iPod touch, and the iPhone comes in equal fifth with 20 per cent.

To put things into perspective, 21 per cent of the respondents wanted a non-Apple smart phone... that's all of the others bundled together.

Now it's clear that aspirations probably don't convert very well into actual sales, but the figures can't be comfortable reading for other tech companies.

Nintendo's hand-held offerings make a good showing in third place with a combined total of 25 per cent hoping for a DS in one of its manifold flavours, but you'll have to look to fourth place for the first console on the list, with the Sony PS3 (21 per cent), sixth place for the Nintendo Wii at 18 per cent, and tenth place for the Xbox 360 with just 12 per cent.