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Steve Jobs Action Figure Sells Out

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been immortalised in the form of an action figure, retailing for $79 from M.I.C Store.

The action figure Steve Jobs is about four inches tall and is similar to the life-sized Steve Jobs in almost every way - dressed in typical Steve Jobs fashion, complete with the black turtleneck, Levis jeans and New Balance 991 sports shoes. The doll is seen standing on an Apple logo shaped pedestal and comes with removable rimless glasses and is carrying a mini iPhone 4 in his left hand.

The figure is being offered with speech bubble cards that can be used by Apple fans to write their favourite Steve Jobs catch phrases, like "One more thing".

M.I.C had only produced 300 Steve Jobs action figures and said that it takes three to four weeks to ship.

The $79 action figure has already sold out at M.I.C and the company has not yet said whether it would be producing more action figures at a later date.