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Virgin Media "Actively Exploring" Public Wi-Fi Hotspot Scheme

Virgin Media is "actively exploring" plans to copy its US rival Cablevision in launching a nation wide Wi-Fi hotspot network in the UK.

According to The Telegraph, Cablevision had rolled out its own Wi-Fi network in New York in partnership with TimeWarner for $300 million.

Kevin Baughan, Virgin's director of advanced technology, said that a nation wide Wi-Fi network will help the company to cater to the booming demand for constant internet accessibility by UK mobile device users.

Baughan said: “We have been inspired by what Cablevision has been able to do in New York and are actively exploring the possibility of creating a similar network here. It takes the sheer power of the cable broadband network and puts it where people need it.”

The Virgin Media executive said that the company will roll out the Wi-Fi hotspots by installing broadband servers in secure locations and connect them with the network kerbside green boxes.

The company is said to be looking into making the service free of charge to current Virgin Media subscribers, but is expected to charge regular users on either a pay as you go or a subscription basis.