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Xbox 360 Celebrates Fifth Birthday

The Xbox 360 has been on the market for five years now and is still going strong.

Going on sale in 2005, four years after the release of the original Xbox, the 360 was the first of the current generation of consoles to be released, with the Wii and PlayStation 3 coming out about a year later.

The console was initially launched with only 13 titles, such as Project Gotham Racing 3, Call Of Duty 2 and Oblivion. Now the 360 has over 800 titles available to play on the platform.

The console did initially have teething troubles with overheating, resulting in many users seeing the “red ring of death” indicating major hardware failure. Thankfully this was later resolved.

The current console looks like it is here to stay for now as Microsoft appear to have no plans to release a next gen console soon. Instead they seem to be focusing on the development of new features for the 360 such as Kinect.