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Acer hedges bets with Android, Win 7 tablets

Acer is aiming to cover all bases with a range of three tablet computers scheduled for launch in 2011. The Taiwanese giant has offerings sporting Windows 7 and Android operating systems up its sleeve and even dares to stick an AMD chip in one of them.

The preemptive strike announced that Acer will be releasing 10.1-, 7- and 5-inch tablet computing devices at the beginning of 2011, squarely aimed at the entertainment market.

As of February 2011, Acer will market an as-of-yet unnamed 10.1-inch Windows tablet. The tablet will feature a full-size physical keyboard and what seems to be a detachable LCD screen. Powering all this is an AMD APU, which we can imagine is the upcoming Zacate platform, hopefully the E-350 dual-core processor.

Aesthetics look good.

Come April 2011, Acer will have launched it's 7- and 5-inch Android-based tablets. Acer was very vague about the feature set, and kept on droning on about multitouch and entertainment-oriented products. However, we are aware that the devices will feature dual-core ARM processors and Android 3.0, Wi-Fi enabled and Flash-accelerated, which pretty much describes any modern tablet based on an ARM architecture. Acer did point out the 5-inch model would double as a smartphone and not just a tablet device.

The first units to hit the markets, just like Apple's, will be devoid of 3G - which will basically make the products rather tasteless for mobile operators - but Acer's president, Gianfranco Lanci, did say that 3G-enabled versions would be available the following month - May.

While these announcements show Acer's commitment to tablet computing, a market in which it has been present for a long time, it doesn't particularly distinguish Acer from the rest of the world that's trying to ride the tablet/touchscreen wave.