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Android OS 2.2.1 Update Comes To Motorola Droid?

Although it is more than one year old now, the Motorola Droid, also known in the UK as the Milestone, is set to receive an official upgrade to Android OS 2.2.1, a minor update to Froyo, before the OS 2.3 or Gingerbread is released later this year.

Droid-life reported that the Motorola Feedback Network sent out an email to its members, all of whom are Motorola phone owners, saying that a new update would be tested on the original Droid in advance of a wider release.

Although it did not explicitly mention OS 2.2.1, several Android websites believe that it is this version of Android and not Gingerbread that will go live. The minor update has being released for other non-Motorola phones including the Nexus one.

The update should make your phone more stable, faster and solve a couple of nagging bugs but one has to ask why would Google release OS 2.2.1 with OS Gingerbread so close.

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