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Angry Birds 2 Due In 2011

Rovio has announced that a follow up to Angry Birds is on the way and is due to arrive on mobile devices next year.

The company has not revealed much about the new offering, but has said that the new game won’t be a sequel or a prequel. Instead it will be a completely different type of game featuring the same characters.

Peter Vesterbacka the chief executive of Rovio told the BBC: "Let's say that you will see a lot more of the pigs. [They] will be a lot more active than just being slingshotted at by birds."

According to Trusted Reviews, the game has been downloaded 36 million times since its release under a year ago and gets players to slingshot brightly coloured birds at fortresses inhabited by pigs.

The company has announced that a console version of Angry Birds for the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is in the works. Rovio is also set to release a festive version of the game in time for Christmas.