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Avanti To Launch 10Mbps European Satellite Broadband Service

A 10Mbps over the air broadband service that uses satellite technology will be launched on Friday thanks to a satellite called Hylas 1 which will be operational in the first quarter of 2011.

Avanti chief executive David Williams told ZDNet that the technology used by the satellite allows it to transmit data at a much faster speed compared to previous generations.

Hylas 1 uses the KA-band, which is situated at the very low end of the EM spectrum in the microwave band with frequencies of around 20GHz which allows it to be immune to weather or latency issues.

The satellite is expected to cover most of Europe but not Scandinavian countries and although Hylas 1 can deliver speeds of up to 200Mbps, the service will be initially limited to 10Mbps with prices of around £25 per month.

Users will need a 60cm satellite dish and a modem. Williams did not say what the upload speed will be or whether users will be able to use an existing satellite dish for the service.

However, given that a quarter of the capacity of Hylas 1 has already been prebooked, that it has the backing of the European Space Agency and that it can handled around 700,000 concurrent 10Mbps connections, the future of the scheme seems to be bright.