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Beatles iTunes Downloads Hit 2 Million

Apple has announced that 2 million individual songs and 450,000 albums by The Beatles have been downloaded within a week of their back catalogue becoming available on iTunes .

According to Rolling Stone, Apple representatives said that the band had seen immense success on iTunes, selling 2 million songs in a week, as well as around 450,000 albums.

Considering that a single Beatles album costs $12.99 and a song costs $1.29, the total amount Beatles music made on iTunes during the week comes out to be $8 million.

In the US iTunes music store, the best selling Beatles album was Abbey Road while the best selling song was Here Comes the Sun.

A lot of people had said that Apple was too late in offering Beatles music catalogue on iTunes as fans had already filled their iPods and computers with Beatles music. Apple had started offering the entire Beatles catalogue on iTunes from 16 November after years of negotiation with EMI and Apple Corp, the company which manages the Beatles legacy.