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Commercial Radio Broadcasters Refuse To Promote DAB

The BBC and commercial radio stations have locked horns over the future of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), after the commercial stations refused to advertise the service.

The commercial stations have refused to run advertisements for DAB, criticising the lack of a complete UK-wide DAB infrastructure. They insist that the BBC must invest more into the system before they back it fully.

According to the Guardian, DAB will need a further £100 - 200 million investment if it is to have network coverage equalling FM. The commercial broadcasters want the BBC to foot a majority of this bill.

A spokesman for RadioCentre, a company representing the commercial interests of private radio broadcasters said: "Commercial radio operators are currently in discussions with government about the funding of local DAB coverage. Until those discussions are resolved, we understand that some stations felt it would be inappropriate to run the digital radio Christmas campaign."

The broadcasters and the BBC were meant to be promoting DAB as part of a major christmas campaign to encourage audiences to switch to the brand, using the strapline, “digital radio, more to Love”. At the moment the BBC is the only radio outlet actively promoting the cause.