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Fab Four flog two million tunes in a week

The Beatles have sold more than two million individual songs in their first week on sale at Apple's iTunes Store.

When Apple announced last week that its long-running legal battle with Apple Corps, the holding company which owns the Beatles' back catalogue was over, it soon became clear that a new wave of Beatlemania was about to hit.

Within days, 11 of the 13 albums on offer had jumped into the top 25 sellers.

Now US tune counter Billboard has published figures for the first seven days of sales and the figures are quite astonishing.

More than 450,000 albums and two million individual songs were sold according to figures supplied by Apple. The profits from the 113,000 Beatles Box set, which contains all of the band's studio albums plus the Past Masters collection, at £125 a pop, would be enough to make the directors of Apple Corps kick themselves for not playing ball sooner.

To put things into context, Led Zeppelin sold 47,000 albums in week one when they finally boarded the iTunes train. The best of today's pop acts can call it a good week if they shift 300,000 units.

Abbey Road was the biggest selling album and Here Comes The Sun the top single but, astonishingly, neither sold enough on their own to enter either the iTunes Top Ten or the Billboard Charts.