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Facebook Blocks Lamebook

The on-going legal battle between Facebook and parody site Lamebook has taken a further twist, after Facebook took down the latter's page from the platform.

According to TechCrunch, the social networking giant has blocked all links to, taken down its Facebook Fan page and even blocked visitors from "liking" its posts on the platform.

In a message posted on the parody website, the company explained that: “Well, Facebook didn't like us sticking up for ourselves, so they shut down our fan page, are preventing any users from 'liking' us, and won't even let you share URLs with your friends if they point to Lamebook.”

However, Facebook's chief technology officer Bret Taylor has told TechCrunch that blocking Lamebook from the platform was a mistake. He said: “We are committed to promoting free expression on Facebook. We apologise for our mistake in this case, and we are working to fix the process that led to this happening.”

Facebook wants to stop Lamebook from using its brand name, while Lamebook has argued that it is a parody website protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.