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Finally!! Seesaw Allows Users To Select Adverts They Want To Watch

Video on demand service Seesaw has introduced a new option that allows users to select which advert they want to watch interactively, ending the frustration that millions have endured over decades thanks to advertisers blanket bombing millions with ads that are not necessarily pertinent.

The new solution, called Ad selector, will be rolled out within days and has been called a win-win situation by the video streaming firm as it allows advertisers to deliver more targeted advertising campaigns and the promise of higher click through rates as users interact more with the adverts.

Three adverts will be showed to users at the beginning of each ad breaks and it is likely that any anonymously collected data collected will allow advertisers to propose even more relevant and innovative marketing campaigns while reducing the impact of "adverse" technologies like TiVO.

Seesaw used the expertise of a London-based company called Branient who won the Best Video Startup in 2010 at The Europas a few days ago and we suspect that a technology similar to that of Branient may come with the BBC and BT-backed Youview.

Ben Williams, head of advertising for SeeSaw said in a statement that “The Ad Selector is simple and effective, essentially giving the user the choice to pick the advert they wish to see. This puts the user in control of the advertising experience and therefore increases their engagement and purchase intent.”