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Google Fans Egg Blurred German Street View Houses

Fans of Google's Street View service in Germany are punishing their countrymen for getting their houses blurred out from the controversial mapping service by pelting eggs at their houses.

Citing a report in a German newspaper, Search Engine Land reported that some of the houses in the Bergerhausen area of Essen that had opted out of the Street View service were pelted with eggs by misguided Google fans.

The unknown egg throwers also pinned a message to the mailboxes of the houses, saying: “Google is cool”.

The search giant had launched the mapping service in Germany this month, but provided people with the option of getting their houses blurred out of pictures to address the country's privacy concerns.

Google has faced serious criticism after it was discovered that it had unknowingly stolen sensitive Wi-Fi data from unprotected connections while taking pictures for Street View.

Commenting about the incidents, Google said in a statement to Search Engine Land: “We respect people’s decision to opt out and by no means consider this to be acceptable behaviour.”