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Google In Talks For Miramax Screening Rights

Google is reportedly in talks with Filmyard Holdings to procure the digital screening rights to movies produced under the Miramax Studios banner.

According to The New York Post, there have been claims from industry insiders that Google was negotiating a digital rights deal in order to offer more diverse and long-duration content on its YouTube online video platform.

Securing rights to movies produced by Miramax Studios could allow users to get their hands on a whole movie catalogue full of blockbuster movie titles like 'Trainspotting' and 'No Country for Old Men'.

The move will also enable Google to offer more content to the subscribers of its Google TV IPTV platform.

YouTube has emerged as the most widely used video sharing and viewing platform in the world. According to Reuters Google have informed that users uploaded 35 hours of video every minute of last week.

A Google spokesperson told the NY Post that “We're always talking to the studios about different things and Disney remains a valuable YouTube partner. Outside of that, we don't comment on rumour or speculation.”