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Intel preps Oak Trail tablet assault

Mass production of Intel's tablet PC platform named Oak Trail has begun in earnest, according to far-eastern sources, as the once-mighty chip maker lines up some competition for its tiddlier rivals.

The platform combines an Atom Z670 processor with an SM35 chipset and Intel hopes it'll do for tablets what its Centrino platform did for notebooks. Unfortunately for the firm, there's already a bit of competition kicking about in the tablet space, and not everyone is as willing to take a backhander as its old chum Dell.

Intel is teaming Oak Trail up with the Meego OS which, according to Digitimes, will set manufacturers back about $25 a pop. The Windows tax makes units equipped with the Microsoft OS more expensive, of course.

It is instructive that Intel is reduced to competing on price in the space. It's pockets are deep enough for it to endure losses in exchange for market share, at least until shareholders start bleating about reduced margins.