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Microsoft Drops Drive Extender Storage From Upcoming Server Releases

Microsoft has announced that it is removing support for Drive Extender storage on Windows Home Server ‘Vail,” Small Business Server Essentials “Aurora” and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials “Breckenridge” servers.

On the Microsoft Home Server Blog, the company said that it had decided to remove the support for Drive Extender from the upcoming home and small business server products because of negative customer and partner feedback, which suggests that the feature was not catering to customer needs.

Drive Extenders allow users to create storage pools consisting of several hard drives and also automatically duplicates data.

Microsoft explained: “While this removes the integrated ability for storage pooling of multiple hard drives and automated data duplication, we are continuing to work closely with our OEM partners to implement storage management and protection solutions, as well as other software solutions.”

Several testers are angry with Microsoft for removing the feature from the upcoming server products and have expressed their disdain on the blog post.