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Motorhead brings metal mayhem to iPhone

Mutton-chopped rock pensioner and collector of Nazi regalia Lemmy has brought the metal mayhem of Motorhead to Apple's iDevices.

Motorhead Remixer allows anyone with a spare fiver to 'remix' four classic tunes from seminal British rock band, including Ace of Spades, although remixing seems to consist of dropping tracks in and out, adding lead breaks in innapropriate places, and applying a bit of flange, which is a kind of swooshy phasing effect.

What with this and Lemmy's recent appearance in adverts for poncy French lager, we can only assume that Mr Kilmister (or Ian as he is known to his mum) is short of a bob or two.

Let's hope lots of people will head over to iTunes and pick this one up, and subsequently cough up £1.79 for the five additional tracks available as in-app purchases, because it must be hard keeping up the rock god lifestyle on an old age pension.

It's probably no coincidence that the App launch comes at roughly the same time as the release of the band's 20th studio album The World is Yours and Lemmy - The Movie (we kid you not).