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Motorola Complains About Microsoft To ITC Over Xbox

Motorola has filed a patent infringement complaint to the US International Trade Commission against Microsoft, claiming that the company is using Motorala's patented technology in its Xbox 360 games console.

According to Bloomberg, complaint filed with the ITC builds on the patent infringement lawsuit filed by Motorala against Microsoft in a court in Wisconsin.

In the complaint, Motorola has implored the ITC to ban Microsoft from importing the infringing gaming console in the US markets.

Motorola had first filed the patent infringement lawsuit in US courts after Microsoft complained that the company was demanding too much in licensing fees for its wireless networking and video coding technology used in the Xbox.

Microsoft said in a statement to Bloomberg: “We are reviewing today’s filing by Motorola. We remain confident in our position and will continue to move forward with the complaints we initiated against Motorola.”