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News@5: Apple-1 Sells For £130,000 At Auction, ICO Fines Council £100,000 For Data Breach & Motorola

Apple-1, the first computer made by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and fellow founder Steve Woznaik, has been sold at an auction in Christies for £133,250. The computer, which comprises of a fully assembled motherboard, some extra peripherals including a microprocessor, RAM and a letter signed by Steve Jobs himself is still in its original box and has been purchased by Mario Boglione, a collector from Italy.

The Information Commissioners’ Office has fined a council £100,000 for accidentally faxing details of a child sex abuse case to the wrong recipients on two separate occasions. The ICO found Hertfordshire to have committed a “serious breach” of the Data Protection act when it faxed details of ongoing cases to a member of the public in June, only to send details of care proceedings of three children to a barrister’s firm unconnected with the cases 13 days later.

Motorola has filed a patent infringement complaint to the US International Trade Commission against Microsoft, claiming that the company is using Motorala's patented technology in its Xbox 360 games console.

Microsoft has decided to shut down the Halo Wars community website and move its discussion area to Halo Waypoint's forums. In a blog post on the Halo Wars website, Microsoft said that the website will be shut down and those wishing to continue discussing the game can do so on the Halo Waypoint forums.

China has shut down tens of thousands of pornographic websites since the launch of a crackdown in December 2009, the National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications has announced.