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One Third Of All Online Viruses Were Made This Year

According to a new study, 34 per cent of all viruses on the web were created within the last 10 months.

In the study conducted by PandaLabs, it was found that 20 million new viruses have been made so far this year, which is more than the entirety of 2009.

The average amount of new viruses has also exponentially increased from 55,000 a day to 63,000.

Despite the fact there is more malware online, newer virulent strains have shorter lifespans than older equivalents. Most now only last for around 24 hours, infecting a few systems before disappearing. PandaLabs claims that this is the result of more inexperienced hackers creating offending software.

Luis Corrons, technical director for PandaLabs said of the findings: “It seems as though hackers are applying economies of scale, reusing old malicious code or prioritizing the distribution of existing threats over the creation new ones.” However he urged caution: “This doesn’t mean that there are fewer threats or that the cyber-crime market is shrinking. Quite the opposite; it continues to expand.”