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Sony Qriocity Movie On Demand Service Available

Sony has switched on its online movie streaming service, Qriocity, one that will allow users to rent hundreds of movies straight to their Sony-branded televisions, Blu-ray players or Home Theater Systems.

Qriocity was launched in the US back in April and will expand beyond video to include music streaming, games and e-books in a near future, a clear sign that Sony will not yield up to Apple's iTunes without a fight.

The service, which is meant to sound like "curiosity", will initially provide with SD and HD videos for £2.49 and £3.49 respectively for old releases and more for newer movies.

Like others, Qriocity will give the user up to 14 days to watch the rented movies and 48 hours to finish them once they have been started.

Fox, Lionsgate, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Starz, Disney, Universal and Warner have already confirmed their participation to the scheme.

Interestingly, Qrocity is not availanble on the Playstation 3 which is already home to a number of video on demand solutions like BBC and Lovefilm.

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