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Sony Says Over 50 3D PS3 Games In Development

Sony has announced that over 50 3D gaming titles are currently in development for its PlayStation 3 console.

According to gaming website Develop, SCEE studio director Mick Hocking, who is scheduled to give a keynote speech about 3D gaming at the upcoming Develop in Liverpool conference, said that Sony was internally developing 20 of the 50 3D titles it plans to release.

The company had introduced support for 3D gaming and movies in a recent firmware update for its PS3 console and believes that, as consumers around the world are slowly coming round to the idea of 3D technology in their living room, it is only right to bring them 3D games.

Hocking said in an interview with Develop that Sony is providing 3D technology training to external game developers .

“We’re actively talking to developers and publishers, and we’re also offering training to them to help them get up to speed with 3D. 3D isn’t just about adding depth to a picture – developers need to know how to get the very best out of the technology on PS3 and we’ll ensure that they do,” Hocking said.