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UK punters waste £440m a year on branded ink

A survey conducted by YouGov has found that UK computer users waste £440 million a year buying branded printer ink.

We all know that manufacturer's cartridges cost more than unicorn blood per millilitre, but the survey which pestered 2,000 UK households, found that half of them only brought premium products from the likes of Hewlett Packard, Epson and Canon.

Each household went through 4.85 cartridges a year which the bean counters somehow worked out was £145.50, though we can't remember the last time we saw a £30 printer refill, even from one of the big names.

Patrick Stead, founder and chief executive of Environmental Business Products which makes... go on have a guess... 'private label' cartridges which it flogs to the likes of Staples and WH Smith, reckons punters could save £43.65 a year switching to remanufactured cartridges.

We reckon an even better reason to switch is the sheer amount of one-shot printer cartridges that end up in landfill sites every day. At least re-manufactured refills go around a couple of times before they wear out.