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Apple Bars All Single-Station Radio Apps

Apple is barring all single-station radio apps submitted to its App Store for the iPhone and iPad submitted to its App Store for approval, claiming that single station apps are like FART apps and represent spam on the iTunes App Store.

In an article published by Radio Magazine, Jim Barcus, the president of DJB Radio Apps, a company which makes apps for radio stations for Apple's iOS platform, said that Apple rejected 10 such apps from 10 November onwards.

Barcus defended single-station radio apps, claiming: “ Not only can the listener rely on the app for entertainment, but he gets the local news, sports and weather for the local station that he likes to listen to.”

He claims that Apple wants all the radio stations on a single app and not individually. When he contacted Apple, the people on the phone said that single-station radio apps failed to give an "enriching end user experience".

Barcus added that the single-station radio apps produced by his company had received more than 37,000 downloads from the App Store.