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Apple tech gets green light from NHS

A report into the viability of Apple's portable devices in clinical settings has given the iPad and iPhone 4 a green light for use by the NHS.

The study, carried out on behalf of the Dumfries and Galloway NHS Trust in Scotland, says that Apple's hardware has potential both as a tool for clinicians and in patient education.

There have been concerns in the past about patient privacy as previous versions of Apple's smart phone handset had shonky disk encryption, but all seems to have been fixed with the arrival of the iPhone 4.

Potential clinical users were warned that great care would have to taken over the use of personal data on portable devices and that patient names and medical information should be stored in different areas of the software.

The study was also impressed with Apple's Remote Wipe function, which has nothing to do with removing bodily fluids from the screen at arm's length, rather the ability to remove data using a web site if the gadget goes AWOL.