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Attachmate To Keep Novell Unix Copyright

Novell has said that the copyrights to its Unix operating system will remain with Attachmate Corporation after the merger, and not go to the Microsoft led CPTN Holdings.

According to Computer World, a message posted on Novell's website clarified that the $450 million patent sale to Microsoft led CPTN Holdings will not include copyrights to its Unix platform.

“Novell will continue to own Novell's UNIX copyrights following completion of the merger as a subsidiary of Attachmate,” the company said.

Previously, Novell had announced that Attachmate was acquiring the company for $2.2 billion while an "unspecified" number of patents were being sold to CPTN Holdings. The news had caused much speculation on whether Microsoft had also obtained the rights to the Unix operating system or not.

As further details on the Novell acquisitions emerge, it has been revealed that Attachmate is selling 882 Novell patents. However, exactly what patents are being sold to the consortium is still not known. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.