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BlackBerry PlayBook pricing leaks

We've been impressed with what we've seen of Research In Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet so far, and the company continues to impress - that is, if leaked pricing details prove true.

The PlayBook, despite its name, is a business-oriented tablet offering a significantly more powerful device than Apple's iPad line: HDMI output, 1080p video playback, end-to-end encryption and device control options, and a true multitasking real-time operating system based on QNX.

It's a combination of factors that has lead to apparently high levels of interest from corporations, and a side-by-side comparison video pitting the performance of the iPad against a pre-release PlayBook piqued people's interest still further.

Now, however, we've got the final cherry on the cake: leaked pricing details that show that the PlayBook will be competitive on cost as well as performance.

According to mobile device site Mobility Insider, the PlayBook will launch in three flavours: 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB, with the only difference in specification being how much you can store on each. Alleged pricing for each, which the site seems confident of thanks to an unnamed 'insider' at RIM, is set at $399, $499, and $599 respectively - or around £250, £320, and £380.

If true, those are seriously tempting prices for an extremely powerful device - and could give Apple's iPad, which has thus far enjoyed pretty much sole control of the tablet market, a run for its money when the PlayBook launches in February next year.