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Dell Hid Hardware Faults From Buyers, Court Docs Reveal

Dell neglected to inform customers of a critical fault in its computers sold between 2003 to 2005, recently unsealed court documents have revealed.

A federal judge unsealed a set of documents from a lawsuit filed by Advanced Internet Technologies against Dell, in which it had accused the computer maker of hiding faults in the hardware, The New York Times has reported.

According to the hundreds of unsealed court documents, the City of New York had filed a number of complaints to Dell over a batch of 5,000 computers it had sold to them.

The hardware problems in the computer systems, that made them inoperable, were also reported by Microsoft, General Electric and the Montana Justice Department.

There was evidence that suggested that Dell was aware of the problems prior to the units going on sale and had even instructed its sales and technical staff to not to reveal the hardware faults to customers.