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PS3 Gamers Want Refund For Call Of Duty: Black Ops Game

The PlayStation 3 gaming community is circulating a petition calling for games developer Treyarch to refund owners of the PS3 version of Black Ops.

The petition founders argue that the PS3 edition is inferior in quality to the Xbox 360 equivalent.

Despite having a massively successful launch and topping gaming charts around the world, the game has been roundly criticised for featuring a number of glitches.

The game was additionally attacked by the Cuban Government for featuring a level where players attempt to assassinate former President Fidel Castro. This led to the Alliance For Global Justice to call for the game to be boycotted.

Despite the bad publicity, the PS3 edition of Black Ops has topped the software charts in Japan. The game managed to sell 128,922 copies, whilst the Xbox 360 version managed 30,279 sales and came 7th in the chart.

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