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Fujitsu readies Windows 7 slate

Fujitsu, a company that's been bunging out "tablet PCs" for the better part of two decades, is preparing to launch its own Windows 7 slate device.

At the ongoing VISIT 2010 event in Germany, the Face2Fujitsu blog team announced the company was preparing an early 2011 launch of a slate device - Fujitsu avoids using 'tablet' as it confuses them. Of course it will inevitably be labelled as a Tablet PC.

The as-of-yet unnamed prototype is on display - ironically in a plastic bubble, safe from sticky fingers - at the VISIT 2010 event and presents itself in 10.1-inch form factor with a smooth curved bezel to help grip the device.The screen is expected to carry a very wide viewing angle, if the blog is correct.

However, Fujitsu's own people that admit the specs aren't yet carved in stone. The target demographic is creative users and prosumers, although the use of the word "prosumer" usually implies a hefty price to pay, in line with Fujitsu's Stylistic series of tablet PCs.

Face2Fujitsu also suggested the device will have smartphone features, although Windows 7 is hardly a smartphone-oriented OS. Right now it sounds like marketingspeak for "It'll do everything that's expected from a trendy tablet".

Money is on it becoming an AMD design, but we'll find out soon enough. Here are a couple of shots, credit goes to the Face2Fujitsu guys.

Despite being dubbed a "mock-up" it does look like a fully functional prototype of the device. The interface looks like a non-descript Windows 7 with a widget toolbar to the right and a launcher window smack dab in the middle.

You can also find a video of the device here.