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Google Docs Adds Compact Controls & Drag-Drop Feature To File Uploads

Search giant Google has updated its cloud-based Office rival Docs by adding a new drag and drop feature for uploading documents as well as Compact Controls.

In a company blog post, Google said that users will be able to easily upload their documents from their own computers to the cloud by simply dragging and dropping the file into the programme.

The company said: “Today we’re extending that functionality to the file upload page, making it even easier to move your files into the cloud.”

The new drag-drop feature comes after another recent update to the cloud based service, that allowed users to add images to their documents by dragging and dropping the file.

Another new addition to Google Docs is Compact Controls which are designed to save screen space. Users will be able to hide the control bar by going to View > Compact Controls. This particular feature is only available on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.