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Google Wave To Be Rescued By Apache

Developers behind Google Wave have filed an application with the Apache Software Foundation to include the programme in the Apache Incubator.

Google had introduced Wave as a real-time collaboration project, set to allow users to access mail, communicate via instant messages and create and edit documents in real-time. However, Google had abandoned the project one year after its launch after it failed to take off.

Many developers who had worked on the project continued to develop Wave, making use of its open source components. Wave has now been remodelled as a server tool and developers are building a new software package called Wave In A Box (WAIB).

According to PC World, the developers have submitted the tool to the ASF are confident that it would be included in the Apache Incubator as soon as next week.

The Wave proposal submitted by the developers states: “Apache Wave is the project where wave technology is developed at Apache. Wave in a Box (WIAB) is the name of the main product at the moment, which is a server that hosts and federates waves, supports extensive APIs, and provides a rich web client.”