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LG launches 23-inch 240Hz LCD panels

LG Electronics announced it has developed a 23-inch 240Hz IPS panel that is as suited for your TV viewing pleasure as it is for desktop computing needs, and ripe for 3D viewing galore, we understand.

According to the display giant, the new IPS panels are the first to be produced at this size and will begin mass production tout de suite. The unusually-high refresh rate is generated by combining a 120Hz refresh rate with a scanning backlight technology which allows the backlight to be repeatedly turned on and off, effectively doubling the refresh effect.

Theory has it that by pushing up the refresh rate, the smoother the images will look on your screen, simply because your eyes aren't equipped to keep up. At 240Hz refresh, this should be enough to deliver a serious fix to your entertainment addiction (movie, gameplay, take your pick) as it reduces motion blur severely. The panel has a response time of 8ms which, while not being the lowest on the market, is still low enough for it not to ghost.

LG and other companies have already been using 240Hz panels for a while now - the company introduced them way back at CES 2009 - but had so far restricted it to their higher-end TV models.

If you happen to be a fan of 3D gaming, we'd suggeset strapping the 3D eyeware to your face and trying it out on these panels, as they deliver twice as much refresh than the one you'd usually require for 3D gaming. Maybe that'll make the motion sickness/headaches go away.