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News@10: ICO Shows Teeth With Fine, Sony Qriocity Now Available & Motorola Droid Gets Android 2.2.1

The Information Commissioner's Office has published the details of the first fines that it has issued since gaining the power to do so in April 2010. However some experts have pointed out that the damaged sought out, £100000 for the Hertfordshire County Council and £60,000 from A4e are only a fraction of the maximum £500,000 fine that the law allows.

Sony has switched on its online movie streaming service, Qriocity, one that will allow users to rent hundreds of movies straight to their Sony-branded televisions, Blu-ray players or Home Theater Systems. Qriocity was launched in the US back in April and will expand beyond video to include music streaming, games and e-books in a near future, a clear sign that Sony will not yield up to Apple's iTunes without a fight.

Although it is more than one year old now, the Motorola Droid, also known in the UK as the Milestone, is set to receive an official upgrade to Android OS 2.2.1, a minor update to Froyo, before the OS 2.3 or Gingerbread is released later this year.

Games developer Rovio has announced that Angry Birds will be coming to consoles sometime in the future. Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, Rovio chief executive Peter Vesterbacka said that his company is currently working on a version of the game for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii, something he believes will become more common for popular mobile games.

Novell has said that the copyright to its Unix operating system will remain with Attachmate Corporation after the merger, and not go to the Microsoft led CPTN Holdings. According to Computer World, a message posted on Novell's website clarified that the $450 million patent sale to Microsoft led CPTN Holdings will not include copyrights to its Unix platform. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.