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News@5: TalkTalk To Trial Controversial Anti-Malware Programme, PS3 Gamers Demand Refund For Call Of Duty Black Ops & OpenStreet

TalkTalk is to trial a new version of its anti-malware software, which some critics have claimed spies on the ISP’s users. The system works by scanning websites for malware and virusesbefore they reach users computers. Any websites found to be containing rogue elements or threats are then placed on a blacklist.

The PlayStation 3 gaming community is circulating a petition calling for games developer Treyarch to refund owners of the PS3 version of Black Ops. The petition founders argue that the PS3 edition is inferior in quality to the Xbox 360 equivalent.

Microsoft announced yesterday that it was giving a full time job to Steve Coast, the founder of OpenStreetMap, the position of Principal Architect at Bing Mobile, thereby confirming the firm's gradual shift towards working relations with the open source community.

Companies offering adverts based on deep packet inspection tracking technology are making a comeback after UK and US privacy champions had earlier threatened their existence. According to The Wall Street Journal, Phorm, which uses DPItechnologies, is returning, offering internet service providers a chance to capitalise on online advertisements from user behaviour-based ads.

A new vulnerability has been discovered in the Android web browser that could allow hackers to steal files stored on the smartphone's SD card. According to security expert Thomas Cannon, the a flaw automatically allows payload data to be downloaded to the device's SD card. A few tweaks to a JavaScript will allow the files on the SD card to open making the data readable, he said.