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Skyfire Brings Facebook Integration To New Android App

Skyfire has rolled out a new app for Android OS complete with Facebook integration for a more social media centric browsing experience.

The Skyfire 3.0 with Facebook Connect for Android 2.0 and higher devices is designed to allow for the easy streaming of videos shared by friends, quick access to news feeds, to view the most 'liked' articles and the ability to 'like' anything on the web.

According to a press release, the new Android web browser comes with true Facebook integration which is aided by a couple of new features on the Skybar 3.0 browser.

Some of these new features include Popular Content, which lets users view the most 'liked' content on the web, Fireplace? Feed Reader, which filters news feed to offer web links, images and videos, and OneTouch Search, which allows users to search a number of platforms including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Jeff Glueck, CEO of Skyfire, said in a statement: “This is just the latest innovation made possible by Skyfire's Rocket Platform? and illustrates why Skyfire, as the first browser ever powered by a cloud service, is a must-have for smartphone users.”