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T-Mobile Offers Free Blackberry Web & Mail Service

Mobile carrier T-Mobile is upping the ante in the fight to attract more upmarket users as it launched its free Blackberry SIM card offer just in time for Christmas.

Users will get six months free internet access and Blackberry mail service when they sign up for the offer; after that, they will have to pay £20 for six months which means that the first year would only cost £1.66 per month.

This means that they could get up to 1GB internet access every 30 days worth £5 per month at T-Mobile and more at other network operators.

In theory, you should be able to use the SIM card in non-Blackberry handsets and potentially in mobile dongles; it doesn't really cost anything to check anyway (indeed we've ordered the free SIMs already).

In addition, topping up £10 per month will get you unlimited texts for free while keeping the credit for all-important calls.

As expected, users will be allowed to use Orange's own network for enhance connectivity, get rewards every three months, enjoy T-Mobile's exclusive Night In offers.

Those looking for a slightly beefier offer may consider Vodafone's Freebees whose "Text and Web" offers free UK texts and internet access when you top up £10 per month.